Welcome to Renee’s World…

I am sure you have noticed the place seems a bit bare. I have a very good reason for that.

Take a glance at Shame On You Amazon to find out more. It is a sensitive topic that everyone who shops Amazon needs to read. By everyone, I do not mean just Erotica readers, but rather anyone and everyone who shops the Amazon book store.

Out of respect for those who find themselves here and do not enjoy the genre of Erotica, I intend to keep my blog toned down so as not to offend anyone… For the time being.

This topic needs to be shared far and wide. Consider it a public service announcement of sorts.

For those of you who have come in search of my titles, I ask for a bit of patients and respect for others at the moment and promise things will return to normal here no later than the end of the year.

Until then, my works can be found on all the major ebook store shelves, and I have links to each store on my About Page.

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While I intend to keep everything as classy and mild as possible, this site is based on mature content and not for those under the age 18 or anyone who finds kinky love making to be a violation of their senses.