There is something everyone who buys books on Amazon should know….

Amazon uses an adult filter to remove books they deem too racy for the general public.

Not a bad idea right? Just like the video stores of yesteryear, erotica should have its own place in the backroom safely tucked away from the eyes of youngsters and those whom are offended by the content.

But instead of placing ALL Erotica in a separate category that can be toggled on and off, they yank seemingly random books into a hard to find abyss, while leaving others that are just as racy right there in plain view of anyone.

It is not exactly a fair system. While authors get blind sided and have their books cast into a dark dungeon, stripped of rank and “also-boughts”. Many books including some that are flat out illegal to their terms of service remain searchable and all too easy to find.

Amazon chooses books to toss off their searchable catalogs on a case by case basis. What exactly does that mean?

It means there are certain words and phrases that trigger the launch into oblivion when found in titles and blurbs. And Erotica Authors are not the only ones who use these words!

But that is not the only criteria, it is the only part of the equation that is known to anyone except Amazon.

Ultimately, it is up to the wild eyed man behind the naughty curtain to decide what should go and what should stay.

To put it plain and simply- until Amazon pulls their head out of their derriere and moves ALL erotica into its own separate category to be treated equally it will show up in places it should not be found.

It is clear that they make up their own rules, and only care about one thing- Their bottom line.

Voices of disgruntled authors who have had their income slashed by unjust filtering have fallen on deaf ears (many even outside the world of erotica).

Shouts of customers angered by what has popped up into search results such as this case have gone pretty much ignored as well.

Girl, 12, finds porn on Amazon search for teenage books

And just what did amazon have to say? They admit the error, and call it “miscategorized”, then recommend using the parental controls offered on a  kindle.

If you have ever used those controls, you know that in order to keep any and all “racy” books from showing, your kindle is virtually useless.

So Amazon sits back to collect vast amounts of money from Erotica while ignoring authors and customers alike.

Sounds like a monopoly that has gotten to big to care about anyone but themselves, doesn’t it?

Just like with any other genre, Erotica is here to stay. Whether an individual likes it or not, should be up to them.

And for those of us that do enjoy it, whether it be reading it or writing it, the entire genre should be easier to find all in one place, away from those who choose not to see it, but searchable just like any other category of books.

Just how does one be heard by Amazon?

That’s a good question, and one with a simple answer.

Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon makes his email known to the public. More can be read about that here.

The time has come to go straight to the source and share feelings with the one man who could get the system changed. Both to protect those who don’t wish to find Erotica (or more importantly- shouldn’t), and those that wish to see ALL Erotica.

I have little doubt that Mr. Bezos is a busy man. But he wants to hear from his customers, so let’s be heard. is his email address. He needs to hear from readers and parents that the current system is failing, and that Erotica needs it’s own category that can be easily kept away from children, yet used by those who choose to enter the back room, just as easily as any other genre in the bookstore.

In short, whether you love Erotica or you find it repulsive and wish for it to never appear in your face again, Mr. Bezos needs to hear from you!

Let’s inform the man at the top just how important this problem really is.